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This paper offers preliminary discussion of a new ecological perspective in entrepreneurship research. Six principles of this perspective are developed. These principles are: (1) The new ecological perspective embraces two ontological platforms: ecosystems and ecological succession, (2) The new ecological perspective operates at multiple levels of analysis, (3) Ecological problems are complex and often non-reducible, (4) The new ecological perspective requires a holistic approach to understanding, (5) The new ecological perspective embraces theory and political reality, and (6) Ecosystems have their own rationality. Implications for researchers and practitioners of entrepreneurship are discussed.


Winner of the Allied Academics - Distinguished Research Award 2009

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Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal

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McKenzie, Brian M., & Sud, Mukesh, (2009). “Prolegomena to a New Ecological Perspective in Entrepreneurship.” Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal 15(1), 43-60.

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