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Effective facilitation is essential to creating and sustaining an environment in which faculty learning communities can thrive. Just as faculty learning communities differ qualitatively from other familiar work groups in higher education, the role of the facilitator differs from what are perhaps more familiar roles of content expert, lecturer, chairperson, or traditional leader. The authors explore the nature of facilitation; outline important facilitative attitudes, skills, and tasks; and consider a number of key concepts about adult learners and collaborative learning as well as group development and dynamics that can shed light on the experience from the point of view of a facilitator.


Copyright 2009 Learning Communities Journal. Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessment at Miami University.

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Learning Communities Journal

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Ortquist-Ahrens, L. & Torosyan, R. (2009, June). The role of the facilitator in faculty learning communities: Paving the way for growth,productivity, and collegiality. Learning Communities Journal, 1 (1), 1-34.

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