Information sources and profile of informed citizens: An empirical analysis from Guatemala

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The purpose of this study is to investigate how Guatemalans procure information on national and local matters. Using data from two nationally representative household surveys, probit models are estimated to identify mechanisms that activate information seeking behaviors among Guatemalans. Findings of the study reveal that Guatemalans primarily use communication media (e.g. television, radio and newspapers) to access information on national issues. In contrast, information procurement on local matters is primarily accessed through individuals’ social networks (e.g. family, neighbors and friends). The findings indicate that females, indigenous groups, citizens living in rural areas and poor individuals are less likely to be informed on both national and local matters, in comparison to other groups.


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Information Development

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Bernal, Aníbal Torres, and William F. Vásquez. "Information sources and profile of informed citizens: An empirical analysis from Guatemala." Information Development 32, no. 3 (2016): 709-717. doi:10.1177/0266666914568575.



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