Learning with dynamic geometry programs: Perspectives of teachers and learners

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In this exploratory phenomenological study, part of a larger mixed-design research project, the authors examined teacher and student roles in, and reactions to, a student-centered instructional geometry program using the Geometer's Sketchpad. Grade 7 students worked for 2 weeks in their regularly scheduled mathematics class on activities that allowed them to explain on-screen relationships among geometric shapes. A companion computer-based instructional tutorial was available as an accessible resource. The class sessions and specific dyads were observed, students surveyed, and teacher and selected students interviewed. Findings centered on 2 overarching themes: issues of power and learning. The teacher had difficulty relinquishing control of the learning environment even though she had agreed to do so. Students, however, liked their new freedom, worked hard, and expressed greater interest in the subject material.


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The Journal of Educational Research

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Hannafin, Robert D., Jill D. Burruss, and Catherine Little. "Learning with dynamic geometry programs: Perspectives of teachers and learners." The Journal of Educational Research 94.3 (2001): 132-144. DOI: 10.1080/00220670109599911