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This article analyzes the effectiveness of an effort to assess the extent of student engagement at Fairfield University through the assistance of resident assistants (RAs) and the adaptation of a methodology used by the university’s schools of engineering and education. Asking RAs to participate in an assessment of their residents provides several clear benefits: the assessment rubric sets clear expectations in plain language; the rubric sets out clear expectations to the residents; and the assessment data appear to be a valid indicator of student engagement and allow the institution to identify students who may benefit from additional counseling or attention.


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Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

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Naser, Curtis R., Karen Donoghue, and Stephanie Burrell. "The Eyes and Ears of Engagement: Using RAs to Assess Resident Engagement." Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness 2, no. 2 (2012): 196-210. doi:10.5325/jasseinsteffe.2.2.0196 .



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