Faculty mentors in teacher induction: Developing a cross-institutional identity


Emily Smith

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Though the knowledge base on mentoring new teachers has grown exponentially in the past 30 years, researchers know less about university involvement in induction, and even less about the role that faculty mentors may play in induction. Drawing on interview, e-mail, and observational data from a yearlong mentoring relationship between a faculty mentor and 7 new teachers, the author examined a faculty mentor's role in supporting beginning teachers. Findings highlight the importance of identity development in assuming a cross-institutional role as a faculty mentor. The transition from teacher educator to teacher mentor requires the development of a mentor identity that is recognized and valued in the community of practice inhabited by classroom teachers.


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The Journal of Educational Research

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Smith, E. R. (2011). Faculty mentors in teacher induction: Developing a cross-institutional identity. The Journal of Educational Research, 104(5), 316-329. doi:10.1080/00220671.2010.482948.



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