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This study presents findings from one high needs school district of the factors that were predictors of long-term elementary (grades 2-6) English language learners (ELLs) progress in English. Data included 1,031 elementary Spanish-speaking students who were continuously enrolled greater than 2.5 years in the district’s language support programs. Regression analysis revealed that Pre-LAS-O English and Spanish total scores contributed significantly (4.2%) to the prediction of current English level. For students taking the LAS-O at entry, variables of entry age of student, English and Spanish total scores were not statistically significant in helping understand current English level. Findings and implications for teachers, district-level data collection, and language policy with respect to NCLB mandates are discussed for those students left behind.


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2006 AERA Annual Meeting

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Campbell, A. & Johnson, T. Elementary (Grades 2-6) long-term English language learners: Factors related to the acquisition of English. American Educational Research Association. AERA Annual Meeting. April 7-11, 2006. San Francisco, California.