Stacked catalytic reactor - U.S. Patent 7,476,367

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A stacked catalytic reactor is provided comprising of a plurality of housings, each housing defining a cavity having an entrance in fluid communication therewith, each housing further defining a plurality of first passages wherein each such first passage is in fluid communication with the cavity and each such first passage defines an exit. The plurality of housings are placed adjacent one to the other such that a second cavity and second passages are defined between successive housings, each second passage defines an exit, and the first passage exits and the second passage exits are interstratified and proximate one to the other. The stacked catalytic reactor employs backside cooling of a catalyst deposited therein in order to oxidize a fluid in the presence of a catalyst and transfer some heat of reaction into a second fluid and isolate the fluid to be reacted from the backside cooling fluid and then combine both fluids.


U.S. Patent 7,476,367, issued January 13, 2009.

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Etemad, Shahrokh, and Lance Smith. "Stacked catalytic reactor." U.S. Patent 7,476,367, issued January 13, 2009.