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The temperature variation of the critical supersaturation for water vapor has been measured using a diffusion cloud chamber. By attaching a layer of glass wool to the upper plate of the chamber, the persistent refusal (in previous experiments) of water to wet this plate has been overcome. As a result, for the first time measurements without appreciable scatter have been achieved for water vapor. The resulting temperature dependence agrees reasonably well with that predicted by the classical Becker‐Doering‐Zeldovitch theory, while the experimental curve is shifted by approximately 8% from the classical prediction.


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The Journal of Chemical Physics

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Heist, R. H., & Reiss, H. (1973). Investigation of the homogeneous nucleation of water vapor using a diffusion cloud chamber. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 59(2), 665-671. doi:10.1063/1.1680073.



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