Methods of Manufacturing a Rotary Scroll Machine with Radial Clearance Control - U.S. Patent 4,726,100

Shahrokh Etemad, Fairfield University
Donald Yannascoli
Michael Hatzikazakis

U.S. Patent 4,726,100, issued 1989.


A scroll compressor can be provided with different wrap thicknesses to compensate for the different material properties of the orbiting and fixed scroll elements. The concept of different wrap thicknesses also aids in the select-fitting of parts and in the provision of and adjustment of a clearance or spacing between the wrap elements. Additionally, in the manufacture of a scroll compressor, the total wrap thickness of the two wraps is kept constant within narrow tolerances while the individual wrap thicknesses are allowed to vary over a predetermined range. The cutting tools used are sized such that even if they differ in their cutting diameters, the combined cutting diameters, and therefore the total wrap thicknesses, are constant within narrow tolerances. This permits the tools to be used and resharpened until their cutting diameters fall below the minimum acceptable diameter.