Computational Parametric Study of Scroll Compressor Efficiency, Design, and Manufacturing Issues

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Conference Proceeding

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The present article briefly discusses the basic theory of the scroll compressor concept from a design point of view. The effect of different physical parameters on energy losses, design limitations, and manufacturing issues will be den10nstrated. Each category is examined using realistic physical terms to indicate in detail the contribution and significance of each parameter. By means of using real physical parameters, a simple and easily understood optimization approach is demonstrated as a guide tool towards scroll compressor design.


Copyright 1988 Purdue University

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Proceeding of the International Compressor Conference at Purdue

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Etemad, S., and Nieter, J. (1988). "Computational parametric study of scroll compressor efficiency, design, and manufacturing issues." Proceeding of the international compressor conference at Purdue, 1988, pp. 56-65.