Simulation Models of Energy Cables in SPICE

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Accurate modeling of cables is important to study the behavior of high frequency disturbances in power converter systems. This paper reviews and compares two popular methodologies to model energy cables – an improved per unit length parameters based model and a Laplace SPICE element based model. The two models presented take into account the frequency dependence of the parameters of the cable. A ladder network is used for this purpose in the per unit length based model. The Laplace SPICE element model is generated from from a rational function approximation for the admittance parameters that are frequency dependant. The rational function approximation is obtained using a well known vector fitting algorithm. The time and frequency domain solutions of a two wire energy cable, obtained from the two models, agree well.


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International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems

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Balaji, U. (2018). Simulation models of energy cables in SPICE. International journal of power electronics and drive systems, 9(2), 744. https://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v9.i2.pp744-749