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In response to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) goals of developing low emission, coal-based power systems, Precision Combustion, Inc. is developing a low, single digit ppm NOx emissions system for high firing temperature IGCC systems. The present paper presents emissions data for syngas and alternate fuels tested successfully. Subscale testing results at 10 atmospheres include NOx emissions meeting DOE's target of 0.01 lbs/MMBtu (3 ppm at 15% O2) and were below this value under some operating conditions during parametric testing.


Copyright 2005 International Pittsburgh Coal Conference

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22nd Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference

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Smith, L. L., H. Karim, S. Etemad, and W. C. Pfefferle. "Catalytic combustion of gasified coal for low-emissions gas turbines." In 22nd Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference 2005.

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