High Pressure Coolant Effect on PVD Coated Inserts During End Milling of Ti-6Al-4V

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Titanium alloys are extensively used in engineering and medical applications. The most common alloy of Titanium, 'Grade-5 or 'α + β', accounts for 50% of all aerospace applications. High speed machining of titanium alloys generates high temperatures in the cutting zone, thereby increasing the cycle time and decreasing tool life. Consequently, the ability of the coolant to remove heat from the cutting zone plays an increasingly important role in the economics of the process as well as on the life of tool inserts. This work addresses the effect that high pressure, "thru-tool" coolant has on insert wear while machining Ti-6Al-4V. The parameters used for this study are speed, feed, axial and radial depths of cut and coolant pressure. The methodology used is design of experiments and response surface methodology. The anticipated contributions include a quantification of the effect of coolant pressure on tool insert wear and its interactions with other machining parameters.


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Proceedings of the 2011 Industrial Engineering Research Conference

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Sridharan, Arvind, Andres L. Carrano, and John Bonzo. "High Pressure Coolant Effect on PVD Coated Inserts During End Milling of Ti-6Al-4V." Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference, IERC 2011. Ed. Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE). Atlanta, GA: 2011

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