Simplified Integrated Design for Fixed Film Biological Nutrient Removal

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The objective of this research was to evaluate the efficiency of a developed laboratory scale reactor system that models the treatment of septic tank effluent in a simplified fixed film of carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand removal along with treatment for biological nutrient removal (CBOD/BNR) in wastewater. The laboratory scale reactor treatment built system operated as an integrated model with the collection system beginning at the source of the wastewater. Using a single stage trickling filter following the septic tank, the laboratory scale reactor system achieved 81% chemical oxygen demand removal, 36% NH3-N removal and 56% phosphorus removal. The total phosphorus removal averaged 50% during steady state operation of phase one. On the other hand, the two stage filter system achieved 90%, chemical oxygen demand removal and as high as 90% ammonia removal and phosphorus removal of approximately 50%. These results indicate that, chemical oxygen demand, NH3-N and phosphorus removals can be significantly improved by additional single stage trickling filter system after septic tank treatment. The filter was proven to produce minimum sludge value after seven months of operation. The components of this system are simple and cost effective to build and operate.


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Journal of Applied Sciences (Faisalabad)

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Berdanier, Bruce W., Anf H. Ziadat, and Anwar Jiries. "Simplified Integrated Design for Fixed Film Biological Nutrient Removal." Journal of Applied Sciences (Faisalabad) 10, no. 19 (2010): 2283-2289.