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The Encyclopedia of New Jersey


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Yohuru Williams is a contributing author, "Nation of Islam".

Book description: The Encyclopedia of New Jersey is the most extensive reference work ever published on the Garden State. The Encyclopedia contains nearly 3,000 original articles, along with 585 illustrations and 130 maps, collecting a wealth of information about the state in one volume. The Encyclopedia is filled with fascinating and interesting entries ranging from New Jersey's earliest history to the present. For example-Did you know that New Jersey was once divided into two parts-East Jersey and West Jersey? That streptomycin was first isolated at Rutgers University? Or that the first vote cast by an African American under the Fifteenth Amendment was in Perth Amboy? How about that New Jersey was the site of the first intercollegiate football game? These facts, and thousands more, can be found in the pages of the Encyclopedia of New Jersey. This volume will provide the answers to questions about New Jersey that you never even knew you had!



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Yohuru Williams. “Nation of Islam,” for The Encyclopedia of New Jersey (Rutgers, 2004)


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