Publication Date

Spring 8-1-2023


The role of university instructors is to provide their students with an excellent experience that not only results in an increase in knowledge of the subject area, but also improve critical thinking and analytical skills that will make them competitive in the marketplace. As hard as students must work, professors, if they want to remain committed to delivering the kind of education that students deserve, need to work even harder, especially in the rapidly changing environment of education.

If the pandemic of 2020 showed educators anything, it was that the old way of delivering content is now a thing of the past and students demand and are used to a variety of content delivery modes and, in many cases, having the structure of their education almost personalized. Knowing this, professors should not rely on just one delivery method, such as, the lecture or case discussion; rather, they should incorporate a variety of tools including providing interactive opportunities and technological resources that can enhance the student’s experience with the course material.