Publication Date

Spring 8-1-2023


The ability to work in teams is crucial in the Information Age. Respect for inclusion and diversity is essential because the workforce consists of ethnically and culturally diverse individuals. However, there are far too many kinds of biases, and all are vile and immoral. Those who avoid maligning one ethnic group but mock the elderly, obese, disabled, intellectually disabled, stutterers, unattractive, or people with cerebral palsy (CP) do more harm than good. There is a famous saying, "either everyone counts, or nobody counts," which also applies to bigotry and prejudice. Inclusion and diversity training can make a difference. Indubitably, people must be taught the value of inclusion and diversity. The correct way to teach diversity, equity, and inclusion is to highlight all the different types of biases and hatred and show why they are all wrong from an ethical and religious perspective. A macro approach must be taken, not a micro one.