Publication Date

Spring 2-24-2024


This Teaching Note provides numerous potential topics for an engaging and informative Valentines-themed Legal Environment of Business class activity. Each topic is in some way related to Valentine’s Day and can be used to illustrate a variety of legal and ethical principles. Instructors are encouraged to really lean into the theme. For example, you could wear pink, give out Valentine’s cards, play a sappy love song, lower the lighting and light candles, etc. A themed class serves as a welcome break from the traditional lecture for both instructor and students. There are enough potential topics listed in this Teaching Note to cover an entire class, or just a 15-minute, interactive, themed quiz using Kahoot!, Quizlet, or Poll Everywhere. Note that this activity does not have to be limited to legal topics covered up to this point in the semester. The lighthearted, relaxed environment in which a variety of topics are casually discussed is an excellent method to get the class excited about—and considering the implications of—topics that will come later in the semester.