Critical Care Nursing of the Elderly, 2nd Edition

Critical Care Nursing of the Elderly, 2nd Edition


Co-editors: Terry T. Fulmer, Marquis D. Foreman, Mary Walker, Kristen S. Montgomery

Contributing authors: Meredith Wallace [Kazer] and E. Flaherty



Meredith Wallace [Kazer] (with E. Flaherty) is a contributing author, "Assessment and Management in Pain".

Book description: This volume, like the first edition, is an important milestone in the field of gerontological nursing, reflecting the growing number of nurses actively involved in geriatric care and clinical research in hospitals.

Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition provides the collective thinking of experts who strive to ask and answer such key questions as: Who should receive advanced technological care? When should care stop? and Who determines vitality? The comprehensive coverage includes sound guidelines for nursing assessment and management; basic clinical issues with elderly populations; specialized practice protocols and advances; and lively discussion of social and policy issues.



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Wallace, M. & Flaherty, E. (2001). Assessment and Management of Pain. In Critical Care Nursing of the Elderly 2nd Edition, New York: Springer Publishing Company, 63-87.


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Critical Care Nursing of the Elderly, 2nd Edition