Gerontology:  Nursing Care of the Older Adult

Gerontology: Nursing Care of the Older Adult


Editor: Mildred O. Hogstel

Co-managing editors: Meredith Wallace [Kazer] & C. Zembruzski


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Older adults are the fastest growing segment of our population and will require nurses and other health practitioners who are trained in their special needs. Here in this full color and highly illustrated text the reader will find a holistic approach to nursing care for the older population that addresses the physical, psychological, social and economic influences on the older adults health. A strong foundation on the normal aging process leads to sections on promoting health and wellness among the elderly. Specialist practitioners discuss the most common health care problems of the elderly and their related nursing care. The reader will also learn the latest thinking on current topics such as the financial, legal, and ethical issues that older patients and their families face, the importance of becoming an advocate for excellent elderly care, and meeting the special needs of diverse ethnic and cultural groups. Supplements Gerontology Clinical Companion 0-7668-0730-4



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Hogstel, M., (Ed.) Wallace, M. & Zembruzski, C. (Managing, Eds.) (2001). Gerontology: Nursing Care of the Older Adult. Albany: Delmar Thompson Learning


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Gerontology:  Nursing Care of the Older Adult