Development, Implementation & Evaluation of a Geriatric Nurse Certificate Program

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Substantial gaps exist between the number of older adults requiring competent geriatric care and the number of nurses able to provide it. The purpose of this study was to develop, implement, and evaluate a geriatric nurse education program to ensure nurses meet the needs of the increasing elderly population. Establishing partnerships between individuals in academia and those in a clinical practice was imperative in the development of the program. Content for the program was created with the assistance of a geriatric nursing consultant and approved by the State Nurses Association. The program was piloted with 18 participating nurses. Using paired t tests, pretests and posttests revealed significant improvements in the level of knowledge and attitudes toward older adults. As a result of the program, participants showed improved attitudes toward and increased knowledge of older adults’ needs, and further program development and dissemination are planned nationally and abroad.


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Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

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Wallace, M. & Greiner, P., & Grossman, S., Lange, J., Lippman, J. (2006). Development, Implementation & Evaluation of a Geriatric Nurse Certificate Program. Journal of Continuing Nursing Education, 37(5), 214-217.

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