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In a previous article [Phys. Rev. E 60, 1799 (1999)], the authors considered a model Landau free energy that explained the ferriclinic phases of chiral smectic liquid crystals as a series of short period helical modulations. In this paper we begin with a physically more realistic, more microscopic interlayer free energy and show how our previous work can be derived using only simple short-ranged interactions. We then discuss what additional information this provides about the Landau coefficients used previously to construct the phase diagram for the heliclinic phases of chiral smectic liquid crystals. Finally, we investigate a means for explicitly including chirality in our model.


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Physical Review E

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Stott, Jonathan J., and Rolfe G. Petschek. "Microscopic origins of heliclinic phases in smectic liquid crystals." Physical Review E 60, no. 6 (1999): 6826.



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