Climate Change: Picturing the Science


Climate Change: Picturing the Science


Co-Editors: Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe

Contributing Co-Authors: David Downie, Gavin Schmidt and Lyndon Valicenti



David Downie is a contributing author (with Gavin Schmidt and Lyndon Valicenti), "Preventive Planetary Care".

Book description: An unprecedented union of scientific analysis and stunning photography illustrating the effects of climate change on the global ecosystem. Going beyond the headlines, this work by leading NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt and master photographer Joshua Wolfe illustrates as never before the ramifications of shifting climate. Photographic spreads show retreating glaciers, sinking villages in Alaska's tundra, and drying lakes. The text follows adventurous scientists through the ice caps at the poles to the coral reefs of the tropical seas. Marshaling data spanning centuries and continents, the book sparkles with cutting-edge research and visual records, including contributions from experts on atmospheric science, oceanography, paleoclimatology, technology, politics, and the polar regions. -- Publisher description.



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David Downie, Gavin Schmidt and Lyndon Valicenti, “Preventive Planetary Care.” In Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe, eds., Climate Change: Picturing the Science, New York: WW Norton, 2009.

Climate Change: Picturing the Science