Power: Divine and Human - Christian and Muslim Perspectives

Power: Divine and Human - Christian and Muslim Perspectives


Co-editors: Lucinda Mosher, David Marshall

Contributing author: Martin Nguyen


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Book Contribution


Martin Nguyen is a contributing author, "The Contours of God's Power: An Introduction to Passages from the Qur'an and Hadith," pp.31-41.

This volume of the Building Bridges Seminar, Power: Divine and Human, Christian and Muslim Perspectives, comprises pairs of essays by Christians and Muslims which introduce texts for dialogical study, plus the actual text-excerpts themselves.

This new book goes far beyond mere reporting on a dialogical seminar; rather, it provides guidance and materials for constructing a similar dialogical experience on a particular topic. As a resource for comparative theology, Power: Divine and Human is unique in that it takes up a topic not usually explored in depth in Christian-Muslim conversations. It is written by scholars for scholars. However, in tone and structure, it is suitable for the non-specialist as well. Students (undergraduate and graduate), religious leaders, and motivated non-specialists will find it readable and useful. While it falls solidly in the domain of comparative theology, it can also be used in courses on dialogical reading of scripture, interreligious relations, and political philosophy.



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Mosher, Lucinda, and David Marshall, eds. Power: Divine and Human - Christian and Muslim Perspectives. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 2019.


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Power: Divine and Human - Christian and Muslim Perspectives