A New Handbook of Christian Theologians


A New Handbook of Christian Theologians


Co-Editors : Donald W. Musser & Joseph L. Price

Contributing author: Paul Lakeland



Paul Lakeland is a contributing author, "Peter C. Hodgson" pp. 229-235.

Book description: In recent years, the flow of Christian theology has been channeled in diverse streams represented by such trends and movements as black theology, liberation theology, feminist theology, and womanist theology. To survey this abundance and diversity of current Christian theology, this book examines the theologies of representative theologians. Particularly to help students navigate the sea of information, the editors have identified various routes for reading, and have traced several threads or issues common to many of the essays, thus demarcating such recurrent concerns as the ways in which the theologians consider the sources and goals for theology, their variant assumptions and conclusions about the nature of God, their divergent approaches to understanding the person and purpose of the Christ, and their distinct expectations for the destiny of history and faith.



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Lakeland, P. "Peter C. Hodgson," in A New Handbook of Christian Theologians, edited by Donald W. Musser and Joseph L. Price (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1996), pp. 229-235.


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A New Handbook of Christian Theologians