Critical Issues in Reproductive Health


Critical Issues in Reproductive Health


Editor: Andrzej Kulczycke

Contributing author: Dennis Hodgson



Dennis Hodgson is a contributing author, "How problematic will liberal abortion policies be for pronatalist countries?" Chapter 8, pp 153.176.

Book description: In this book, leading academics and practitioners in the field of reproductive health address topics such as contraception, abortion, sexually transmitted infections, maternal and prenatal health, sexuality and reproductive rights by examining a number of critical issues in these areas. The authors describe new research, identify gaps and priorities in policy and practice, and illustrate innovative solutions. The book further addresses such current imperatives as understanding the social meanings of emergency contraception, measuring gender-based violence, improving reproductive health governance, strengthening health systems and services, and redressing institutional barriers. The book also assesses how reproductive health programs can be reconfigured to new challenges such as those posed by climate change, vulnerable youth in fragile states, and risks from new infertility treatments. Using a rich and varied set of cases, a broad public health and social science perspective, and novel methodological approaches, this book questions common assumptions, illustrates effective solutions and sets out research, policy, and programmatic agendas for the present and future. This is a comprehensive volume which provides a valuable resource to researchers, educators, practitioners, policymakers and students, as well as anyone studying or advocating for reproductive health.



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Hodgson, Dennis."How problematic will liberal abortion policies be for pronatalist countries?" Chapter 8 in Critical Issues in Reproductive Health, edited by Andrzej Kulczycke (Springer, 2014), 153-176.


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Critical Issues in Reproductive Health