Co-editors: Peter D. De Staebler, Anne Hrychuk Kontokosta

Contributing author: Marice Rose



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Marice Rose is a contributing author, "Body/Culture: Display and Reception of the Farnese Hercules," Chapter 10, pp 177-197.

This volume tackles a pressing issue in Roman art history: that many sculptures conventionally used in our scholarship and teaching lack adequate information about their find locations. Questions of context are complex, and any theoretical and methodological reframing of Roman sculpture demands academic transparency. This volume is dedicated to privileging content and context over traditions of style and aesthetics. Through case studies, the chapters illustrate multivariate ways to contextualize ancient objects. The authors encourage Roman art historians to look beyond conventional interpretations; to reclaim from the study of Greek sculpture the Roman originals that are too often relegated to discussions of "copies" and "models"; to consider the multiple, dynamic, and shifting contexts that one sculpture could experience over the centuries of its display; and to recognize that postantique receptions can also offer insight into interpretations of ancient viewers. The collected topics were originally presented in three conference sessions: "Grounding Roman Sculpture" (Archaeological Institute of America, 2019); "Ancient Sculpture in Context" (College Art Association, 2017); and "Ancient Sculpture in Context II: Reception" (College Art Association, 2019).



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Rose, Marice. “Body/Culture: Display and Reception of The Farnese Hercules,” in Roman Sculpture in Context: Selected Papers in Ancient Art and Architecture, Volume 6. Edited by Anne Hrychuk Kontokosta and Peter de Staebler (Archaeological Institute of America, 2021), 177-197.


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Roman Sculpture in Context: Selected Papers in Ancient Art and Architecture, Volume 6