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Katherine A. Schwab

Associated Department(s)

Art History & Visual Culture

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AH 330

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Art History & Visual Culture Capstone Seminar: The Parthenon

Description of Work

The world of Art History extends far past memorizing painting and regurgitating dates. Students in the Art History Capstone are engaging in discovery through original research to propose poly-chromatic schemes for a selection of Parthenon sculptures. The seminar consists of seven upperclassman who, through the use of an iPad application, Procreate, and small scale plaster casts,are re-imagining the Parthenon as it was in the Classical World as originally constructed and completed nearly 2500 years ago.

This capstone poster is a collaboration of the seven seminar students: DeAnne Dickinson, Annie Kamradt, Maria Klein, Matthew Lerebours, Shelby Quartararo, Meghan Schauer, and Emma Wagner. The poster is presented at the April 25, 2019 Undergraduate Student Innovation Research Symposium.

Creation Date

Spring 2019

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Creative Commons License
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