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Do you think human beings would be religious if they were never going to die?

Dr. Judith Plaskow discusses the complexity of understanding this concept, because the idea of being human is very closely linked with the idea of death. Dr. Plaskow speculates that human beings would be religious if they were not going to die, because religion is not an answer to death, but a way in which we see God through everyday life. She also remarks how life would change drastically if humans were immortal, and the need to identify a meaning for life, which religion offers, would be even greater.

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About the Interviewee:

Dr. Judith Plaskow is Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College. Her major interest is in feminist theology in the United States and Europe and she is co-founder of The Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion and co-edited it for its first ten years. Past President of the American Academy of Religion, Dr. Plaskow helped found the Jewish feminist group, B’not Esh. She has written two books, Sex, Sin and Grace: Women's Experience and the Theologies of Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich, and Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective and published other works of note, mostly on the topic of feminist spirituality. Dr. Plaskow is a graduate of Yale University.

About the Interviewer:

Dr. Alfred Benney is a professor of Religious Studies at Fairfield University. He has a Ph.D in Theology from the Hartford Seminary Foundation and teaches courses in Non-Traditional American Religions and Christian Religious Thought. His research interests include "how people learn"; "the appropriate use of technology in teaching/learning" and "myth as explanatory narrative". He has published work on teaching with technology.

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