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Dr. Michael Horan Engages with the Question: Can You Prove That God Exists?

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Dr. Michael Horan points to the Enlightenment as the point in time where people began to ask this question. He then says that he believes this is the wrong question to be asking, by relating it to the idea of proving that someone loves their spouse. He ends by suggesting that though we cannot prove the existence of God, he believes it to be “a pretty good bet.”

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About the Interviewee:

Dr. Michael Horan received both his Masters and Doctorate in Religion and Religious Education from the Catholic University of America. He is a Professor of Religious Education and Pastoral Theology and Graduate Program Director at Loyola Marymount University. He is interested in the preparation of lay ministers for leadership in the Catholic Church. Michael Horan is an author of two works on the General Directory for Catechesis, numerous articles and essays. A national speaker on topics in religious education and youth ministry, Dr. Horan is a contributing author of Blest Are We, the parish and school religious education series published by Silver Burdett Ginn.

About the Interviewer:

Dr. Alfred Benney is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies at Fairfield University. He has a Ph.D in Theology from the Hartford Seminary Foundation and taught courses in Non-Traditional American Religions and Christian Religious Thought. His research interests include “how people learn”; “the appropriate use of technology in teaching/learning”; and “myth as explanatory narrative”. He has published work on teaching with technology.

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