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This work investigates the role that communal narcissism plays in consumers' pro-environmental decisions. Five studies suggest that while communal narcissists claim that they are pro-environmental, their behaviors do not support such claims. The findings indicate that communal narcissists may see pro-environmental actions as communal means that could potentially serve their agentic, self-directed motives. However, when pro-environmental actions are expected to pose a threat to self-interest, the ‘me first’ aspect of narcissism plays a more dominant role, resulting in lack of inclinations to engage in pro-environmental actions. This work also provides evidence for two boundary conditions (product public visibility and perceived social benefits) under which communal narcissists may behave more pro-environmentally. Theoretical and practical implications, limitations, as well as directions for future research are also discussed.


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Journal of Environmental Psychology

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Naderi, Iman. I'm nice, therefore I go green: An investigation of pro-environmentalism in communal narcissists. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 59 (2018): 54-64.



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