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This paper investigates the effect of consumer knowledge about the type of restaurant on perceived restaurant quality on seven dimensions: food quality, healthiness, ambience, food variety, value, contextual, and social. Existing studies comparing chain restaurants with independent restaurants have yielded mixed results. The findings of the present investigation show that both types of restaurants are equally likely to do well and their success or failure depends on what consumers know about a restaurant and how they evaluate it. In contrast, not having a clear identity and position in consumers’ minds does not help the restaurant to succeed. The implications of these findings are discussed in detail.


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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services

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Naderi, Iman, Audhesh K. Paswan, and Francisco Guzman. "Beyond the shadow of a doubt: The effect of consumer knowledge on restaurant evaluation." Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 45 (2018): 221-229.



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