Hope Matters: The Power of Social Work

Hope Matters: The Power of Social Work


Editors: Elizabeth J. Clark and Elizabeth F. Hoffler

Contributing authors: Julie Berrett-Abebe and Mary Susan Convery


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Julie Berrett-Abebe (with Mary Susan Convery) is a contributing author, "The Power of Presence: Finding Hope in an Oncology Group Setting," Chapter 11.

When looking for a change or a solution to a problem, we turn to these manifestations of hope, both as individuals and on a societal level.

The capacity to hope for change enables social workers to serve people who have experienced torture, trauma, drug addiction, domestic violence, or child abuse. The challenges facing clients are multilayered and complex, and require a sensitive, informed approach.

Hope Matters: The Power of Social Work can inspire hope in each one of us, no matter our personal and professional challenges. The editors explore the stories of professional social workers in all fields of practice as they promote the clinical and community uses of hope to inspire their clients and help them solve seemingly intractable problems. The contributors to this collection highlight the role of resilience in making progress toward overcoming obstacles and reaching a positive outcome. Hope Matters is filled with uplifting examples of the power and importance of social work.

Hope Matters: The Power of Social Work is a companion to the recently published Social Work Matters: The Power of Linking Policy and Practice, which has demonstrated social work's central role in working toward achieving healthy functioning in society.



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Clark, Elizabeth J. and Elizabeth F. Hoffler, eds. Hope Matters: The Power of Social Work. Washington D.C.: NASW Press, 2014.


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Hope Matters: The Power of Social Work