Contradictory and Missing Voices in English Education: An Invitation to English Faculty

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This article offers both a rationale and a proposal for the meaningful contribution of English faculty to the preparation of English teachers. We draw on data from teacher licensure tests and Interviews with English and English Education faculty to underscore contradictions among the various voices In English education and to Identify ways of bringing English faculty more meaningfully Into the conversation. While analysis of our quantitative data suggests correlations between Praxis II exams and other measures of candidates' content knowledge and skills, analysis of Interview transcripts and course documents reveals clear differences. We conclude with recommendations for Involving English faculty In teacher preparation to balance out the contradictory and dominant voices In English education.


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English Education

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Smith, Emily, & Bowen, Betsy, Dohm, Faith Ann. (2014). "Contradictory and Missing Voices in English Education: An Invitation to English Faculty". English Education, 46(2), 117-140.