Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship

Aims & Scope

Four undergraduate students with the help of Fairfield University’s International Studies Program established the Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship in 2010. The journal was part of an Association of American Colleges & Universities' "Bringing Theory to Practice" grant to promote responsible global citizenship and student development. The journal is designed to highlight the accomplishments of young minds in constant intellectual engagement with their surroundings.

Our goal is to promote critical thinking, analysis, persuasive writing, communication, and quantitative reasoning on topics related to international student experiences (i.e. study abroad, service learning, etc) and/or topics related to global citizenship.

Mission Statement

Fairfield University’s Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship supports research from undergraduates of diverse academic backgrounds, with a focus on global citizenship and social responsibility that aligns with the Jesuit values of our University. These include respect for others, and an empathetic engagement with our social responsibilities. (You can learn more about Fairfield University's Jesuit tradition here.)

We view global citizenship as a disengagement from barriers into a recognition and understanding of human actions with social, political, environmental, and/or economic impact worldwide. We believe that a sense of community, not only with our direct neighbors, but with societies and lives around the globe, makes a socially responsible individual.