Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship

Submission Requirements

  • This year the deadline for Submissions is November 5th 2021
  • Topics can address anything pertinent to the field of International Studies.
  • Submissions must have been written during enrollment in an undergraduate studies program, but may be submitted within one year to the date after receiving a bachelor's degree.
  • Submissions may range anywhere between 5 - 25 pages in length.
  • Submissions must be cited using Chicago Notes Bibliography 16th Edition.
  • Students may only submit one piece per issue in order to give other students equal opportunity at publication.
  • Submissions to this Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship can not have been previously published or be pending publication in any other book or journal. Papers under review for the Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship may not be submitted to other journals, and papers under review at another journal can not be submitted here.
  • Students must own the copyright or be authorized by the copyright owner of any piece s/he submits.
  • Submissions will not be accepted from past or present members of the staff of the Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship.
  • Rights for Authors and Fairfield University

    As further described in our submission agreement (the Submission Agreement), in consideration for publication of the article, the authors assign to Fairfield University all copyright in the article.

    Personal-use Exceptions

    The following uses are always permitted to the author(s) and do not require further permission from Fairfield University provided the author does not alter the format or content of the articles, including the copyright notification:

  • Storage and back-up of the article on the author's computer(s) and digital media, provided that the article stored on these computers and media is not readily accessible by persons other than the author(s);
  • Posting of the article on the author(s) personal website, provided that the website is non-commercial;
  • Posting of the article on the internet as part of a non-commercial open access institutional repository or other non-commercial open access publication site affiliated with the author(s)'s place of employment (e.g., an Anthropology student at Fordham University can have her article appear in the Fordham University International Studies Department online publication series)
  • Posting of the article on a non-commercial course website for a course being taught by the author at the university or college employing the author.
  • People seeking an exception, or who have questions about use, should contact the editors.