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Water Scarcity in Jordan


Despite water’s seeming abundance, water scarcity affects residents on every continent. In fact, the vast majority of the water on Earth is saltwater, which is largely unusable. Further, uneven distribution leads to growing concerns in a number of nations in the modern era. A variety of countries do not have access to useable water. This may stem from their physical location, but also economic scarcity. Another aspect that must be considered is that of climate change. As a result, the residents of these nations must use unsanitary which leads to negative health consequences.

The country of Jordan lacks the resources it needs to meet individual and national needs. This is attributed to a unique physical geography, consisting of desert plateaus and a dry climate, political instability, and rapid population growth. As a result, Jordan has long been overpumping water from their aquifers and relies on seasonal or underground sources for water. The nation lacks the profitable oil reserves of its neighbors, hindering its ability to meet the needs of its residents. Water has become a geopolitical issue in Jordan, and the development of alternative options is now a requirement. In this arena, Jordan has looked into a variety of options. They have established wastewater treatment plants and greywater projects, as well as groundwater mining or better irrigation systems, but the latter two are more costly. There have also been movements at the policy level, in terms of establishing water standards or multination pacts.

On a global scale, the United Nations has looked to tackle this crisis, primarily through the Millennium Development Goals. However, the projected costs to provide clean water are astronomical. While some researchers argue that the planet does not have the capability to provide sanitary water for everyone, others are less skeptical and argue for the proper allocation of resources or alternative energy. Nonetheless, due to the vitality of water in today’s society it is largely agreed that action must be taken.



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