The Continuum of Stroke Care

The Continuum of Stroke Care


Co-editors: Joanne V. Hickey and Sarah L. Livesay

Contributing authors: Cynthia Bautista, Sarha L. Livesay


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Cynthia Bautista is a contributing author, "Chapter 5 Diagnostics for Stroke."

Book Description: Stroke treatment, technology, and research have seen astounding advances over the last twenty years. Yet stroke remains a leading cause of death and disability in the United States and worldwide. The challenge for clinicians? Stay current and deliver optimal patient care, by understanding that the best prevention and the most positive outcomes are being achieved by inter-professional teams. Addressing every phase of current stroke care, The Continuum of Stroke Care is your essential how-to for delivering safe, effective outcomes with interprofessional teamwork. Each chapter is written by clinicians with cutting-edge expertise and clinically grounded insight. Practical and comprehensive, the book also fully covers both the advances of the last few decades and upcoming innovations in stroke care.



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Bautista, Cynthia and Sarah L. Livesay. (2015).Chapter 5 Diagnostics for Stroke. In Hickey, J. and Livesay, S. The Continuum of Stroke Care, PA:Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Williams, 79-92.


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The Continuum of Stroke Care