Interconnectedness in Nursing: A concept analysis

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Aim: Interconnectedness will be clarified and defined by providing a description and context and take an important step toward increasing use in nursing literature and research. Background: The literature is limited by focusing on relationships between people, but connection can be physical as with physics or spiritual by reflecting a higher power or purpose. Thorough examination will increase understanding of interconnectedness in nursing. Methods: Chinn and Kramer's method for creating conceptual meaning includes definitions, visual images, popular/classical literature, music, poetry, and professional research across many disciplines. Findings: Interconnectedness reflects that people and the universe are connected in a powerful way. Its essential meaning reflects that regardless of the worldly barriers of politics, religion, or culture, people can share in a universal reciprocity of love and responsibility. Conclusion: Nursing maintains the values of compassion, responsibility, holism, and to greater meaning in experiences, and interconnectedness will likely have increased significance in nursing.


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Journal of Holistic Nursing

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Love, K. (2008) Interconnectedness in Nursing: A concept analysis. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 26(4), 255-265. doi:10.1177/0898010108315184.



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