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Obesity has been linked to job absenteeism and decreased job performance. Additionally, shift work may be related to abnormal eating in nurses. This study examines the relationship between body mass index, job performance, absenteeism, and eating disorder risk among nurses. Registered Nurses (n = 63) participated in a survey that included the Work Limitations Questionnaire and the Eating Attitudes Test. Most participants were either overweight or obese. Significant correlations were noted between body mass index and job performance, and body mass index and risk of eating disorders. An understanding of how increased body mass index can affect a nurse's job performance and wellness warrants continued attention from the nursing profession.


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Applied Nursing Research

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Ku, B., Phillips, K. E., & Fitzpatrick, J. J. (2019). The relationship of body mass index (BMI) to job performance, absenteeism and risk of eating disorder among hospital-based nurses. Applied Nursing Research.



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