Routledge Handbook of World-Systems Analysis


Routledge Handbook of World-Systems Analysis


Co-editors: Salvatore Babones, Christopher Chase-Dunn

Contributing author: Eric Mielants


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Eric Mielants is a contributing author, "The Great Transition Debate and World-Systems Analysis," p. 56-62.

Book description: World-systems analysis has developed rapidly over the past thirty years. Today's students and junior scholars come to world-systems analysis as a well-established approach spanning all of the social sciences. The best world-systems scholarship, however, is spread across multiple methodologies and more than half a dozen academic disciplines. Aiming to crystallize forty years of progress and lay the groundwork for the continued development of the field, the Handbook of World-Systems Analysis is a comprehensive review of the state of the field of world-systems analysis since its origins almost forty years ago.

The Handbook includes contributions from a global, interdisciplinary group of more than eighty world-systems scholars. The authors include founders of the field, mid-career scholars, and newly emerging voices. Each one presents a snapshot of an area of world-systems analysis as it exists today and presents a vision for the future.



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Mielants, Eric. “The Great Transition Debate and World-Systems Analysis” in Salvatore Babones & Christopher Chase-Dunn (co-eds.) Routledge Handbook of World-Systems Analysis, Routledge, New York, 2012, p. 56-62.


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Routledge Handbook of World-Systems Analysis