La Principessa Straniera / The Foreign Princess


La Principessa Straniera / The Foreign Princess


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Digital Scholarship Project

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Student Project

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A dual-language multimedia presentation of an original Italian fable created for ITLN 2233: Creative Writing in Italian. Winner of the Humanities Institute's 2020 Digital Humanities Prize for Best Individual Submission.

Author's statement: "My creative work is informed by additional research I conducted on Italian folktales. This project was designed to make what I learned in class accessible to a wider, non-Italian speaking audience and it will be of interest to students interested in translation studies. When addressing the incorporation of multiple media, I wanted to go beyond text. My project utilized several modes, including linguistic (with my writing), visual (with the pictures I used), and aural (listening to an embedded YouTube video of me reading). I used the software Adobe Spark, which allowed me to incorporate images and audio throughout my writing. The correspondence of text and image was designed to facilitate the understanding of a non-native speaker reading through the fairy tale for the first time, by looking to the images for visual clues to help understand the text. I also wanted my project to be easily navigable and understandable for a public audience, therefore I chose to structure my project around a single web page that links to each section."

La Principessa Straniera / The Foreign Princess