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Peroxiredoxin proteins protect MCF-7 breast cancer cells from doxorubicin-induced toxicity
C. McDonald, Jillian Muhlbauer, G. Perlmutter, Kekoa Taparra, and Shelley A. Phelan


Evaluation of Family History, Antioxidant Intake and Activity Level as Indicators For Chronic Disease In A Healthy Young Population
Maria Luz Fernandez, Marcela Vergara-Jimenez, Amanda Missimer, Diana M. DiMarco, Catherine J. Andersen, and Ana Gabriela Murillo


The Rainbow Book
Ronald M. Davidson


Consecration Rituals in South Asia
István Keul and Ronald M. Davidson


Benefits and Success of an Interdisciplinary Wellness Interest Group (iWIG) at a Modern Jesuit University
Susan Bartos, Mackenzie Gordon, Catherine J. Andersen, and Kara Hunter


Investigation of liver alcohol dehydrogenase catalysis using an NADH biomimetic and comparison with a synthetic zinc model complex
James R. Sunderland; Xingjian Tao; Elizabeth E. Butrick; Lauren C, Keilich; Christine E. Villa; John R. Miecznikowski; and Swapan S. Jain

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