Most Recent Additions


Re-imagining Mothering and Career: Insights from a Time of Crisis
Jenna A. LoGiudice, Evelyn Bilias Lolis, and Kathryn Phillips


John E. Thiel


Barth and Schleiermacher: Beyond the Impasse?
James O. Duke, Robert F. Streetman, and John E. Thiel


Revision der Theologie - Reform der Kirche
Abraham P. Kustermann and John E. Thiel


Concilium 1994/6: Why Theology?
Claude Geffré, Werner Jeanrond, and John E. Thiel


Tradition and Tradition Theories: An International Discussion
Siegfried Wiedenhofer, Torsten Larbig, and John E. Thiel


The Blackwell Companion to Catholicism
James J. Buckley, Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt, Trent Pomplun, and John E. Thiel


Beyond Dogmatism and Innocence: Hermeneutics, Critique, and Catholic Theology
Anthony J. Godzieba, Bradford E. Hinze, and John E. Thiel


The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology
Ian A. McFarland, David A. S. Fergusson, Karen Kilby, Iain R. Torrance, and John E. Thiel

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