Most Recent Additions


Economic Cycles and Social Movements: Past, Present and Future
Eric Mielants and Katsiaryna Salavei Bardos


Creolizing the Nation
Kris Sealey


The eyes have it: Using eye-tracking to evaluate a library website
Lindsay Guarnieri, Tracey Kry, and Emily Porter-Fyke


The Vincent J. Rosivach Register of Slaves in Fairfield, Connecticut
Vincent J. Rosivach, Giovanni Ruffini, Alec Lurie, and Olivia McEvoy


trans-Diaquabis(N,N,N'-trimethylethylenediamine)- nickel(II) dichloride
John R. Miecznikowski, Jerry P. Jasinski, Nicole F. Flaherty, Emma E. Mircovich, Allison N. Smolinsky, and Natalia R. Bertolotti


The Keeping House
Meredith Wallace Kazer

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