Most Recent Additions


"Taking risks" with Digital Acoustics
Bryan R. Crandall, Nicole Brown, Donna DelBasso, Tanya Baker, Attallah Sheppard, and Kwame Alexander


Co-planning and Co-teaching in a Summer Writing Institute: A Formative Experiment
Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Janine Nieroda, and Bryan R. Crandall


The pressures of teaching: How teachers cope with classroom stress
Maureen Robins and Bryan Ripley Crandall


Teaching the New Writing: Technology, Change, and Assessment
Anne Herrington, Kevin Hodgson, Charles Moran, and Bryan R. Crandall


Educating Refugee-background Students: Critical Issues and Dynamic Contexts
Shawna Shapiro, Raichle Farrelly, Mary Jane Curry, and Bryan R. Crandall


Time and Space In Literacy Research
Catherine Compton-Lilly, Erica Halverson, and Bryan R. Crandall


Copper (I) SNS Pincer Complexes: Impact of Ligand Design and Solvent Coordination on Conformer Interconversion from Spectroscopic and Computational Studies
Matthew A. Lynn, John R. Miecznikowski, Jerry P. Jasinski, Manpreet Kaur, Brandon Q. Mercado, Eric Reinheimer, Emilse Almanza, Rami M. Kharbouch, Michael R. Smith, Samantha E. Zygmont, Nicole F. Flaherty, and Amber C. Smith


The Routledge Handbook of Second Language Research in Classroom Learning: Processing and Processes
Ronald P. Leow, Sergio Adrada Rafael, and Marisa Filgueras-Gómez


Critical Thinking, Design Practices, and Assessment in a Fundamentals of Engineering Course
Ryan A. Munden, Marcia Arambulo Rodriguex, Djedjiga Belfadel, and Michael Zabinski

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