Most Recent Additions


Plenary and Invited Lectures
Milton Kerker, Albert C. Zettlemoyer, Robert L. Rowell, Howard Reiss, Dean C. Marvin, and Richard H. Heist


Handbook of phase change: Boiling and condensation
S. Kandlikar, V. K. Dhir, Y. Iida, and Richard H. Heist


Canonical Distribution Law and KCl: Sm2+ Fluorescence: The C2v Paradox
Richard H. Heist, Charles R. Chilver, and Francis K. Fong


Homogeneous nucleation in associated vapors. I. Acetic acid
Richard H. Heist, Kevin M. Colling, and Calvin S. DuPuis


Undocumented: The Stress of Status
Terry-Ann Jones and Laura Nichols


Photoinduced nucleation of carbon disulfide
Ofra Kalisky and Richard H. Heist


Crystalline ionic solutions
Francis K. Fong, Robert L. Ford, and Richard H. Heist

*Updated as of 10/22/18.