Most Recent Additions


Power: Divine and Human - Christian and Muslim Perspectives
Lucinda Mosher, David Marshall, and Martin Nguyen


The Oxford Handbook of Qur'anic Studies
Mustafa Shah, M.A.S. Abdel Haleem, and Martin Nguyen


Multi-Religious Perspectives on a Global Ethic: In Search of a Common Morality
Myriam Reynaud, William Schweiker, and Martin Nguyen


Eusebius of Caesarea: Gospel Problems and Solutions
Roger Pearse, David J. D. Miller, Adam C. McCollum, Carol Downer, Thomas C. Schmidt, Joshua McManaway, and Ambrose Boles


Scribal Habits in Near Eastern Manuscript Traditions
George Anton Kiraz, Sabine Schmidtke, and Thomas C. Schmidt


Hippolytus of Rome: Commentary on Daniel and 'Chronicon'
Thomas C. Schmidt and Nick Nicholas


Nursing Student Interprofessional Simulation Increases Empathy and Improves Attitudes on Poverty
Kathryn Phillips, Anka Roberto, Sandra Salmon, and Valerie Smalley


Engineering of bio-mimetic substratum topographies for enhanced early colonization of filamentous algae
Ali Khoshkhoo, Andres L. Carrano, David M. Blersch, and Kamran Kardel


Environmental and economic impacts of preemptive remanufacturing policies for block and stringer pallets
Fabiana Tornese, Jennifer A. Pazour, Brian K. Thorn, and Andres L. Carrano


A Measurement Tool for Circular Economy Practices: A Case Study in Pallet Supply Chains
Marzia Grazia Gnoni, Fabiana Tornese, Brian K. Thorn, Andres L. Carrano, and Jennifer A. Pazour

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