Submissions from 1983


Computer Graphics Applications to Crew Displays, Joan Wyzkoski Weiss

TRS-80 for Kids from 8 to 80, Vol. II, Michael Zabinski

Books from 1982

Panorama de la literatura nicaragüense, Jorge Eduardo Arellano

Entre Sandino y Fonseca, Jesús Miguel Blandón

Sandinistas speak, Tomäs Borge

What difference could a revolution make? : food and farming in the new Nicaragua, Joseph Collins, Frances Moore Lappé, and Nick Allen

Solo en la compañía, Manolo Cuadra

Prosas políticas, Rubén Darío, Julio Valle-Castillo, and Jorge Eduardo Arellano

Cocktails at Somoza's : a reporter's sketchbook of events in revolutionary Nicaragua, Richard M. Elman

Population in the Global Arena, James E. Harf, B. Thomas Trout, Dennis Hodgson, Parker G. Marden, and Terry McCoy


Microcomputers in a college teaching laboratory-Part 2: Analog Transducers in a Digital World, Richard H. Heist, T. Olsen, and H. Saltsburg

Porque viven siempre entre nosotros : héroes y mártires de la insurrección popular sandinista en Masaya, Instituto de Estudio del Sandinismo.

Now we can speak : a journey through the new Nicaragua, Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins, and Peter Barnes


Review of "Quodlibeta septem by William of Ockham" ed. Joseph C. Wey, C.S.B., R. James Long

Léxico de la ganadería en el habla popular de Chontales : (San Pedro de Lóvago), Roger Matus Lazo

Hacia una política cultural de la Revolución Popular Sandinista., Nicaragua. Ministerio de Cultura.

Charles Atlas también muere, Sergio Ramírez


Nick Agiro Buying His Daily Fruit on Salem Street, Anthony Riccio

We Have Lost Our Fathers and Other Poems, Nicholas Rinaldi

Nicaragua : a country study., James D. Rudolph and John Morris Ryan


Microcomputers in a college teaching laboratory-Part 1: An overview of microcomputer use in an undergraduate laboratory program, H. Saltsburg, Richard H. Heist, and T. Olsen

An Evening with George Shearing and Mel Torme (CD), George Shearing, Mel Tormé, and Brian Q. Torff


Locke asks court to cut sentence, James Simon

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Sexuality, human needs and nursing practice, Janie Spelton Weinberg and Sheila Grossman

Frente Sandinista; Diciembre victorioso, Jaime Wheelock Román

TRS-80 for Kids from 8 to 80, Vol. I, Michael Zabinski

Books from 1981

Nicaragua, glorioso camino a la victoria.

Triumph of the people : the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua, George Black

La patria de Pedro : el pensamiento nicaragüense de Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, Pedro Joaquín. Chamorro Cardenal

Hombre del Caribe : memorias, Abelardo Cuadra and Sergio Ramírez


Wind Horse: Proceedings of the North American Tibetological Society, Ronald M. Davidson

Con Sandino en Nicaragua : la hora de la paz, Ramón de Belausteguigoitia

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Paul Cadmus and the Virtue of Anachronism, Philip Eliasoph

Paul Cadmus, yesterday & today, Philip Eliasoph

Apuntes para una teología nicaragüense, Encuentro de Teología

Bajo la bandera del sandinismo : textos políticos, Carlos Fonseca Amador

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Habla la dirección de la vanguardia., Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional. Dirección Nacional.

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Sandino's daughters : testimonies of Nicaraguan women in struggle, Margaret Randall and Lynda Yanz


Cesarina Russo Riccio Looking Out on Fairmont Avenue, Anthony Riccio


Frank Corolla in his Shoeshine Shop, Anthony Riccio


Mailboxes on Cooper Street, Anthony Riccio


Mary Nastasi Walking Barefoot in the San Rocco Procession, Anthony Riccio

Nights in Brazil (CD), Judy Roberts and Brian Q. Torff

Gaspar vive, Manuel Rodríguez García

Sandino, general de hombres libres. English;"Sandino, Gregorio Selser and Cedric Belfrage


If Thoreau could see it now…, James Simon

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Historia eclesiástica de Nicaragua, Edgar C. Zúñíga

Books from 1980

Materiales para el estudio científico de la sociedad : relaciones sociales de producción, el estado, las clases sociales, las fuerzas productivas.


Homogeneous nucleation in associated vapors. III. Heptanoic, decanoic, and myristic acids, Gopal Agarwal and Richard H. Heist

Breve historia de la Iglesia en Nicaragua, Jorge Eduardo Arellano

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Estirpe sangrienta : los Somoza, Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal and Gregorio Selser

Nicaragua, a people's revolution, EPICA Task Force

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Cincuenta años de lucha sandinista;"50 años de lucha sandinista, Humberto Ortega Saavedra


J & N Market, Corner of Prince and Salem Street, Anthony Riccio


Marianna D'Antonio, Anthony Riccio


Modern-day Zampognari in the North End at Christmas, Anthony Riccio

Blues Alley Jazz (CD), George Shearing and Brian Q. Torff

Nicaragua betrayed , Anastasio Somoza and Jack Cox

Frente Sandinista : hacia la ofensiva final, Jaime Wheelock Román

Nicaragua, imperialismo y dictadura, Jaime Wheelock Román.

Introduction toTRS-80 Level II Basic and Computer Programming, Michael Zabinski

Submissions from 1979


Regulation and solubilization of Candida albicans chitin synthetase, Phyllis C. Braun and R. A. Calderone

The Nicaraguan revolution, Pedro Camejo and Fred Murphy

Escritos, Carlos Fonseca Amador

Deviant Behavior: Readings in the Sociology of Deviance, Delos H. Kelly and Dorothea D. Braginsky

Bartholomaeus Anglicus, On the Properties of Soul and Body (De proprietatibus rerum libri III et IV), R. James Long

Caribbean edge : the coming of modern times to isolated people and wildlife, Bernard Nietschmann


Antonietta Marrone, Salem Street, Anthony Riccio

Sandino, general de hombres libres, Gregorio Selser

Submissions from 1978


Estimation of thermophysical properties of a large polar molecule and application to homogeneous nucleation of l‐menthol, Carol Becker, Howard Reiss, and Richard H. Heist


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Stephane Grappelli - Live at Carnegie Hall (CD), Stephane Grappelli, Diz Disley, John Ethridge, and Brian Q. Torff


Richard Fishacre's Quaestio on the Ascension of Christ: An Edition, R. James Long

Doris Tijerino : inside the Nicaraguan revolution, Margaret Randall and Elinor Randall


Homogeneous nucleation in associated vapors. II. Formic and propanoic acids, Yvonne G. Russell and Richard H. Heist

Books from 1977

Tony Bennett, the McPartlands and Friends Make Magnificent Music (vinyl LP), Tony Bennett, Marian McPartland, Jimmy McPartland, Charlie Byrd, Buddy Tate, Vic Dickerson, George Reed, Brian Q. Torff, Herb Hall, and Spider Martin

Paul Cadmus : catalogue raisonné, paintings, 1931-1977, Philip Eliasoph

Relación verdadera de la reducción de los indios infieles de la Provinca de la TaguisgalPa, llamados Xicaques, Fernando Espino

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Plenary and Invited Lectures, Milton Kerker, Albert C. Zettlemoyer, Robert L. Rowell, Howard Reiss, Dean C. Marvin, and Richard H. Heist

The Resurrection of the Snails, and Other Poems, Nicholas Rinaldi