Images from 1973


Wedding Procession (Sippiciano, Campania), Anthony Riccio

Submissions from 1972


Canonical Distribution Law and KCl: Sm2+ Fluorescence: The C2v Paradox, Richard H. Heist, Charles R. Chilver, and Francis K. Fong


The Science of Theology according to Richard Fishacre: Edition of the Prologue to his Commentary on the Sentences, R. James Long

Books from 1971

Hansels and Gretels : studies of children in institutions for the mentally retarded, Dorothea D. Braginsky and Benjamin B. Braginsky


Zeeman Anisotropy Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Characteristic Radiative Lifetimes, and Novel Site Symmetries in KCl: Sm 2+, F. K. Fong, M. N. Sundberg, Richard H. Heist, and C R. Chilver


The social schemata technique as a projective device, Alexander Tolor and W. Ronald Salafia

Submissions from 1970


Crystalline ionic solutions, Francis K. Fong, Robert L. Ford, and Richard H. Heist


Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution of M 3+-F− Interstitial Pairs in Fluorite-Type Lattices, Richard H. Heist and Francis K. Fong

Area handbook for Nicaragua., John Morris Ryan

Submissions from 1969


Response Mode and Irrelevant Items as Factors in Stimulus Familiarization Effects, W. Ronald Salafia and John F. Walsh

Submissions from 1968


Utrum iurista vel theologus plus proficiat ad regimen ecclesie'; a Quaestio Disputata of Francis Caracciolo: Edition and Study, R. James Long

Books from 1967

The Sandino affair., Neill Macaulay

Books from 1952

Sandino el Libertador., Gustavo Alemán Bolaños